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On This Day: Weaning off facebook Apr 4, 2017 Facebook & Web I have grown frustrated with facebook. In this regard I am by no means unique. It feels like it is increasingly common to find friends dissapearing Ten Years on Twitter Nov 11, 2016 Twitter & Web & History November 15th marks ten years since I joined Twitter. I was user 12,494. Members of Web Design mailing list I was a member of back then all signed QRATES Sep 9, 2016 link & music & web & Producthunt Qrates looks like a really cool service - it’s a small-run on-demand viynl pressing service & crowdfunding platform for independant musicians. Rain in Tokyo - Personalisation & the Web May 5, 2016 work & rambling & web Something magical happens every time it starts raining in Tokyo. Convenience store entrances sprout umbrellas, store clerks dream umbrella bags