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Scaling Design - My talk at Leading Design 2017 May 2, 2018 Video¬†&¬†Work¬†&¬†Presenting¬†&¬†Design I totally forgot to share the video of my talk at the 2017 edition of Clearleft‚Äôs Leading Design conference. You can see it alongside talks from #Josh Cohen‚ÄČ‚ÄĒ‚ÄČHigh and Dry (Piano Cover) Nov 23, 2017 Music¬†&¬†Video¬†&¬†Radiohead Commute at 2x: Steigereiland to Rembrandtplein Jun 9, 2017 Video¬†&¬†Amsterdam Video: Building a Testing Culture Mar 31, 2017 Link¬†&¬†Presenting¬†&¬†Booking.com¬†&¬†Work¬†&¬†Video Video of my presentation at last weeks Conversions@Google conference. This is my Jam: Big Picture - London Grammar Mar 25, 2017 TiMJ¬†&¬†Music¬†&¬†Video¬†&¬†London Grammar #OP-1 Feb 21, 2017 Music¬†&¬†Video¬†&¬†Synth This demonstration of the Teenage Engineering OP-1 is mesmerising The story behind the Interstellar soundtrack Dec 19, 2016 music¬†&¬†video https://youtu.be/HtifWqsON1g This is My Jam: 33 ‚ÄúGOD‚ÄĚ - Bon Iver Oct 1, 2016 TiMJ¬†&¬†Music¬†&¬†Video #Laura Marling: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert Sep 18, 2016 Music¬†&¬†Video¬†&¬†Link Visit: Laura Marling: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert Bears Den live at Concerto Aug 3, 2016 Music¬†&¬†Video¬†&¬†Amsterdam We went to see Bears Den play a short in-store set at Concerto Records last weekend. Here‚Äôs the recording from the store: Belarusian Dream Jul 24, 2016 Europe¬†&¬†Politics¬†&¬†Video I spent half of this week - the hottest week in Amsterdam for years - with a cold and feeling sorry for myself whilst sitting in front of a fan This is my Jam: Alaska - Maggie Rogers Jun 12, 2016 TiMJ¬†&¬†Music¬†&¬†Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIQfcn85cYI #Whakatane May 30, 2016 NZ¬†&¬†video¬†&¬†Travel When I tell people that my family live in paradise, I really mean it This is my Jam: North Star Lover - Fionn REgan Feat. The Staves Jan 2, 2016 TiMJ¬†&¬†Music¬†&¬†Video The Football Manager - Jimmy Hill Dec 20, 2015 Video¬†&¬†Football¬†&¬†Coventry Minka Oct 29, 2015 video¬†&¬†japan Buy the book, watch the film. OSCON: Test Your Own Hypotheses Prepare to be Wrong Oct 28, 2015 video¬†&¬†work¬†&¬†conference¬†&¬†presenting This is my Jam: SOAK - Sea Creatures Sep 30, 2015 TiMJ¬†&¬†Music¬†&¬†Video This is my Jam: Burden of Tomorrow - The Tallest Man on Earth Sep 7, 2015 TiMJ¬†&¬†Music¬†&¬†Video Amsterdam, 1600 - 1700 Sep 5, 2015 Video¬†&¬†Amsterdam This is my Jam: Dogwood Blossom - Fionn Regan & Anna Friel Aug 23, 2015 TiMJ¬†&¬†Music¬†&¬†Video Australia - 60 All Out Aug 17, 2015 Sport¬†&¬†Cricket¬†&¬†Video Steve Harmison‚Äôs slower ball to Michael Clarke in the Egbaston test of the 2005 Ashes will take some beating when it comes to my all-time favourite #Enter Pyongyang Jul 22, 2015 Video Awesome timelapsish video of Pyongyang