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Bold Jan 15, 2017 link & software & slack An internal blog for your team’s knowledge and big ideas. Visit: Bold Spark for macOS Nov 30, 2016 link & email & macOS & software Spark is easily the best email client I’ve ever used on iOS - so I’m excited to see they’ve released a macOS version. If you’ve not tried it out, Emojipedia Sep 7, 2016 mac & software & OSX & Emoji & link Mac OS X Dictionary containing Emoji and their meanings. Clever. Visit: Emojipedia Oryoki Sep 5, 2016 link & OSX & software & browser & mac & Apps Maybe this is the almost interface-less web browser I’ve been looking for. Visit: Ōryōki PodcastMenu Sep 3, 2016 link & mac & OSX & software & Audio This neat little mac menu bar app is a wrapper the overcast.fm web app which utilises the system media keys and doesn’t kill your podcasts when you Reeder 3 Beta Aug 8, 2015 Software & OSX I’ve been giving the beta of the 3rd version of Reeder for OSX a whirl for the last week or so. It’s a lovely evolution of my favourite RSS reader