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Emojipedia Sep 7, 2016 mac & software & OSX & Emoji & link Mac OS X Dictionary containing Emoji and their meanings. Clever. Visit: Emojipedia Oryoki Sep 5, 2016 link & OSX & software & browser & mac & Apps Maybe this is the almost interface-less web browser I’ve been looking for. Visit: Ōryōki PodcastMenu Sep 3, 2016 link & mac & OSX & software & Audio This neat little mac menu bar app is a wrapper the overcast.fm web app which utilises the system media keys and doesn’t kill your podcasts when you GitHub - download pinboard Sep 2, 2016 link & OSX & Productivity Download your pinboard bookmarks as webloc files with Mac OS X tags http://ift.tt/1t5xsl0 Mini Metro May 25, 2016 osx & game on OS X Mini Metro is a beautifully designed and rather addictive little game for the mac. Perfect for whiling away hours in the Slack Emoji Keywords Everywhere Jan 13, 2016 osx & aText & slack Using Slack all day at work quickly rewired my brain to expect Slack’s emoji keyword syntax to work everywhere, which unfortunately isn’t the case Essential Safari Extensions Jan 7, 2016 OSX & Safari Using Safari as my main browser seems to surprise a lot of people thesedays. I think writing less and less code, and thus not being exposed to Reeder 3 Beta Aug 8, 2015 Software & OSX I’ve been giving the beta of the 3rd version of Reeder for OSX a whirl for the last week or so. It’s a lovely evolution of my favourite RSS reader