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#Sounds of Tokyo Jan 22, 2017 Travel & Audio & Japan & Tokyo & Sounds On our recent visit to Tokyo to see in the New Year, I recorded a few short audio clips on my phone. They make for pleasing Die Like a Rich Boy Jan 7, 2017 Audio & Music & Recording PodcastMenu Sep 3, 2016 link & mac & OSX & software & Audio This neat little mac menu bar app is a wrapper the overcast.fm web app which utilises the system media keys and doesn’t kill your podcasts when you I’m Writing a Novel Jul 17, 2016 Music & 🎵 & Audio Iron Sky Jun 8, 2016 Audio & Music & 🎵 Gunkanjima Jul 6, 2015 audio & spoken Playing around with Spoken using an audio clip from a university research thingy I did on the Island of Gunkanjima. In Spite of all the Danger Jun 21, 2015 Audio & Music Dogwood Blossom Jun 21, 2015 Audio & Music I’ve been in love with this track since hearing it on the closing sequence to This is England.