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Commute at 2x: Steigereiland to Rembrandtplein Jun 9, 2017 Video¬†&¬†Amsterdam #Early Morning Walk to Work Jan 11, 2017 Photo¬†&¬†Amsterdam Instagram Amsterdam in the Victorian Era Sep 19, 2016 Link¬†&¬†Amsterdam¬†&¬†Photography¬†&¬†History ‚ÄúJacob Olie (1834‚ÄČ‚ÄĒ‚ÄČ1905) was a photographer from Amsterdam known for his scenes of everyday life there. These amazing photos Bears Den live at Concerto Aug 3, 2016 Music¬†&¬†Video¬†&¬†Amsterdam We went to see Bears Den play a short in-store set at Concerto Records last weekend. Here‚Äôs the recording from the store: Taunted Jul 14, 2016 Amsterdam¬†&¬†Architecture¬†&¬†Booking.com¬†&¬†Photo Roof Sometimes, it‚Äôs difficult to conclude that the weather in Amsterdam is anything other than a cruel joke - no more so than when one frequently Beneath the Surface: UX at Booking.com Mar 21, 2016 work¬†&¬†Amsterdam¬†&¬†Booking.com¬†&¬†presenting I‚Äôm going to be hosting a QnA session at our headquarters in Amsterdam next month where two of my colleagues (@marialigiak & @VladZinculescu) Amsterdam, 1600 - 1700 Sep 5, 2015 Video¬†&¬†Amsterdam