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January 2018

Expeditie expat - een kijkje in de keuken van Booking

Bam. Photo_ January 09, 2018 at 11:56PM Playing around with my new @moment fisheye lens before @curlysketches and @joostbri done got married yesterday. First day back at school.

December 2017

2017 Lovely Christmas flowers from the Whanau. Photo_ (72) Photo_ (71) Good ceiling. Bugger to dust. At best the fourth best painting in the room. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Went in here like everyone else hoping to hear some banging organ music, was disappointed to find some old chap in a robe cleaning out his silverware in front of 300 people. This wonderful idiot has been married to me for five entire years today. Lazy morning swim. Anniversary weekend is go. Photo_ (70) Bodie and Poot are big fans of the Christmas tree, it being their new favourite place to hang out. Bodie and Poot are big fans of the Christmas tree, it being their new favourite place to hang out. Photo ???? Photo_ (69) Snow day tomorrow? Photo_ (68) Kersttruivrouw Well, this is no fun at all. Photo_?? (3) Photo_ (67) Photo_ (66) We’re hosting a @sofarsounds gig at our house this afternoon! Photo_ (65)

November 2017

Josh Cohen — High and Dry (Piano Cover)

Briefly today it wasn’t raining. Photo_?? (2) Hanging a @trixibelle_ original in the workroom. Vrijdag Photo_ (64) Herfstbladmondvrouw Warmechocolademelkvrouw Weekend in the woods is go.

October 2017

Eichler Design

Photo_ (63) Photo_ (62) Photo_ (61) First step to the Presidency, complete. Photo_ (60)

September 2017

Edinburgh’s Georgian New Town is wonderful and I want to live in it. Photo_ (59) Photo_?? (1) Photo_ (58) Photo_ (57) Family deunion dinner on my last night in NZ. Photo_ (56) Photo ?? Photo_ (55) Photo_ (54) Big little sis is caking. Photo_ (53) Photo_ (52) Photo_ (51) New Zealand, New Zealand. Photo_ (50) Photo_ (49) Watching Spider-niece conquer the wall. Looking out to Moutohora and Whakaari - smudgy plane window and all. Photo_ (48) Made it to Whakatane after a mammoth journey. Ij Belle and Sebastian.

August 2017

Afternoon ride to haarlem

Photo_ (47) Photo_ (46) Dinner spot Ijvrouw En route to Vuurtoreneiland for dinner. The church at Ransdorp Brugvrouw Saturdaying so good it could be a Sunday. Photo_ (45) Fun ride through the fog this morning. Photo_ (44) Photo_ (43) LETS RIDE BIKES Photo_ (42) New sofa arrived to finish the rowntrees fruit pastel colour scheme in the lounge. Tuinhuisoverplantenvrouw photo_ (41)

July 2017

The Frost House
Those Dam birds- the urban herons of Amsterdam - in pictures | Cities | The Guardian

You can get proler Okonomiyaki in Amsterdam. Forget all of the crappy sushi. A fine showing last night. New best friend. photo__ (4) photo_ (40) Tram 13 bound for Slotermeer is delayed by approximately 60 years. Cycling through Waterland

June 2017

Masterpieces by Sesshu Toyo
Commute at 2x: Steigereiland to Rembrandtplein
This is My Jam: Folksong Crisis - Seafood

photo__ (3) photo__ (2) Yesterday we found this beautiful late-Edo era screen for the sunroom. New palm tree on the balcony outside our bedroom. I am instantly transported to the tropics. ビシバシチャンプ photo_ (39) photo_ (38) photo_ (37) photo_ (36) photo_ (35) photo_ (34) photo_ (33) photo_ (32) Looking north to Steigereiland Moving to Ijburg, I was most worried about the distance to the city, but my commute is now the part of the day I look forward to the most. photo__ (1)

May 2017

My Podcast Subscriptions

Approaching Schiphol yesterday and we got a surprise view of our new endz. photo_ (31) photo_ (30) photo_ (29) Duomo photo_ (28) Pimmsvrouw photo_ (27) The Arno walking towards the Uffizi gallery. Jesus Christ. photo_ (26) photo_ (25) photo_ (24) photo_ (23) photo_ (22) photo_ (21) photo_ (20) Allora. photo_ (19) photo_ (18) photo_ (17) photo_ (16) photo_ (15) England. Full of old stuff. Drafty. photo_ (14) photo_ (13)

April 2017

This is My Jam: Firecracker - Charlie Fink
On This Day: Weaning off facebook
True Love Will Find You In The End
This is My Jam: You Just Want - King Creosote

photo_ (12) This end of ijburg is an architectural wonderland. photo_ (11) photo_ (10) New sofa looks like a big green kidney bean. #ploum Afternoon cocktails with old ma Frisby Brunch at Dignita Hoftuin photo_ (9) Looking forward to having our first house guest arrive tomorrow. First roast in the new oven. Nice work @trixibelle_. Bodie surveys his new domain. That new house smell. 🕵️ We bought a house! photo_ (8) pusb Wembley stadium. Big. Strong stationery game. photo_ (7)

March 2017

Video: Building a Testing Culture
Conversions: Building a Testing Culture
Implementing system fonts on — A lesson learned.
This is My Jam: There, There - Radiohead
This is my Jam: Big Picture - London Grammar
Arrangement 1

Durgerdamnnnnn photo_ (6) Walking through Durgerdam The packing begins. minolta cle Roll 1 Apollo Hotel photo_ (4) photo_ (3) At the opening night of the pop-up exhibition at Studio Sarphaat These guys. Sunday noise making. Hello Handsome

February 2017


We went to explore some more of Ijburg today. This bit was pretty good. Clarkey aan strand 12 Eurgh. Scoping out our new house.

January 2017

Sounds of Tokyo
The JR James Archive
Vivienne Ming: The cost of not being a straight white man
Black Mirror: San Junipero (Original Score)
Die Like a Rich Boy
Jōdo-shū Buddhism
New Zealand - December 2016

Train wife. photo The walkway and the elevator volume. Excellent materials. Looking into the cantilevered walkway to the Pfaffenthal elevator linking the valley to the new city on the hill. photo_ (2) photo_ (1) Night Shift at Casino Luxembourg photo Brrrr Work party. Low key. Yes, it’s as cold as it looks. Scoping out Steigereiland Binnen Dommersstraat Sneeuw op de Prinsengracht Early Morning Walk to Work

December 2016

Vipp Shelter
The story behind the Interstellar soundtrack
San Francisco - December 2016

November 2016

Spark for macOS
Wallcat - Enjoy a new, beautiful wallpaper, every day.
Adam Hurrey’s 90’s Heroes: Pinpointing the Moment of Peak Le Tissier
Farnley Hey, Farnley Tyas West Yorkshire
This is My Jam: SOAK - B a noBody
Ten Years on Twitter

October 2016

Fixing Amazon Echo’s Timezone
This is My Jam: Bon Iver - Heavenly Father (Acapella)
A Guide to Wes Anderson’s Paris
This is My Jam: 33 “GOD” - Bon Iver
Seattle, September 2016

September 2016

Seven rules for perfect Japanese typography
Amsterdam in the Victorian Era
iPhone 7 Plus Notes
Laura Marling: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert
Miami, September 2016
Current Work (Untitled) - Victoria Clarke
GitHub - download pinboard

August 2016

San Francisco, August 2016
Bears Den live at Concerto

July 2016

Vice: North Korean Forced Laborers in Poland
Director Magazine - envisions the future of travel
Belarusian Dream
I’m Writing a Novel
Black Lives Matter


June 2016

Braindump on the British Referendum on EU Membership
The Tokyoiter
This is my Jam: Alaska - Maggie Rogers
Iron Sky
Things I’d like to design
This is my Jam: Paolo Nutini - Iron Sky (Live)

May 2016

This is my Jam: Die like a Rich Boy - Frightened Rabbit
Speaking at ProductTank Berlin
New York, May 2016
Mini Metro
Rain in Tokyo - Personalisation & the Web

March 2016

Beneath the Surface: UX at

February 2016

This is My Jam: Ben Howard Covers Carly Rae Jepsen
Initial Thoughts on the iPad Pro

January 2016

I’d Rather be in Tokyo
Speaking at UX Jam 5 - Worldwide Edition, Tokyo.
Slack Emoji Keywords Everywhere
Essential Safari Extensions
This is my Jam: North Star Lover - Fionn REgan Feat. The Staves

December 2015

The Football Manager - Jimmy Hill

November 2015

Countries I Visited in 2015

October 2015

OSCON: Test Your Own Hypotheses Prepare to be Wrong

September 2015

This is my Jam: SOAK - Sea Creatures
TIL About The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization
This is my Jam: Burden of Tomorrow - The Tallest Man on Earth
Amsterdam, 1600 - 1700

August 2015

This is my Jam: Dogwood Blossom - Fionn Regan & Anna Friel
Australia - 60 All Out
This was my Jam
Reeder 3 Beta

July 2015

Dream House TV Commercial - Japan
Apple Watch apps take some of the pain out of travelling
Twitter & Instagram Integrations for blot
Links #1
Byword, Dropbox, Blot.
Enter Pyongyang
Your Craziest Travel Adventures

June 2015

In Spite of all the Danger
Dogwood Blossom